Our Mission

To deliver premium halal meats to consumers throughout the world!

Our belief

Halal sustenance fuels the
advancement of humanity

Our aspiration

To enrich the world with Halal virtues
and become the most trusted Halal source

About US

Hello, Peace be upon you! Welcome to Shepherd Meats. We are a family business that represents security, persistence, and versatility. Security in the sense of customer assurance, persistence in exceeding consumer expectations, and versatile in uniting premium quality meats by incorporating Halal methods and practices. Bringing exceptional hand-harvested, Halal nourishment to your table is our calling.


Although the Principals (Mom and Dad) hold the experience, are in the know, and have worked carefully to build Shepherd Meats, for them it’s all about creating something real for the next generation.


Love is where it starts. It’s anchoring the grounds for the next generation; a generation that will advance passion, health, and quality of living. They’ll develop and seek higher levels of humane raise, accountability, traceability, transparency, and food safety. They will be emotionally connected to animal rights, healthful foods, and Halal means in harvesting.


All of our children practice and exercises the importance of customer relations, which we call “Family Relations.” Why? Because our customers are our Family. We promise to serve our family the purity that life intended for us. It’s just, It’s pure, It’s clean, It’s Halal. 


Leaders who bring about brilliance are bred into a belief that they must add value to the world, to human progress, and to further enhance humanity. Our earth is prosperous and produces for everyone; the way of life is clear and beautiful, kind, and gentle. We are all united around living by each other’s laughter and peace. We have a love for humanity in our hearts and will continue to live by these principals now and forever to come. 


Welcome to the Shepherd Meats Family! Welcome to your Family! We are so grateful to have you!