Premium Halal Meat Delivery! What’s that all about?

Halal meat has been the same for generations; the same sources, the same grades, the same taste. With all of the advancements in agricultural research, animal psychology, and environmental impact, Halal meat has the potential to be at the forefront of process and flavor, and now it is…


Introducing Shepherd Meats!

We’ve made it possible to enjoy 5-Star-Restaurant level halal meats at home, for an unbeatable price. It all starts with how we raise our animals. All Shepherd Meats animals are raised humanely, the way nature intended it. They are never administered any hormones, vaccines, or antibiotics, they graze freely on lush pastures, and they are always hand-harvested by a practicing Muslim, in a manner that follows the Halal principles to the highest levels. We’re serious about bringing you, our brothers and sisters, Halal meat at a level and quality that has never been seen before. ALL Shepherd Meats products are Dhabihah Halal, and we mean everything from our hot dogs, deli meats, and burgers, all the way to our poultry, domestic lamb, and wagyu! Yes..we said HALAL Wagyu.